Why Does Siri Hate Me?! – Technology is Frustrating! #technology

Why Does Siri Hate Me?! – Technology is Frustrating! #technology

Computers, tablets, smartphones, and all their wonderful apps make my life so much easier. Except when it’s something new. Or updated to a new ‘improved’ version.

An expert, usually my tech-savvy wife, has to guide me through the steps to access the new app or latest feature. Then, I love it. “This is so easy/convenient/clever/useful/simple!”

Unfortunately, a few days later, when I want to access that new feature again, I will have forgotten the steps to find it. Or I blank out on one crucial step. Sound familiar?

I try and try but I cannot, for the life of me figure out what I am doing differently. And so someone has to walk me through the steps again. Slowly.

This video is based on an incident that happened to me last week. (Cringe)

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