What is ADHD – The Symptoms, traits, and how to cope with it

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What is ADHD? Is it specific to people of a certain age? Is there a way to cope with ADHD?
Looking for the answers? Watch this video and learn about the struggle with the unknown – ADHD, the most common mental health disorder. Millions of people face it but it’s often misdiagnosed with this video we try to create awareness about ADHD symptoms, traits, and coping techniques.
This video will give you an eye-opening insight into the ADHD world and how people suffer from it.
Many people think, if we are physically fit, we are healthy, but learning about mental health is also
crucial. For overall development and for a better future staying both mentally and physically fit is a
must. Calm Sage understands it and hence tries to help its readers via informative videos and posts.
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