The Mental Health Benefits of Decluttering & Organizing – Motivation to clean & clear clutter

How Clearing Clutter Can Help Reduce Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms: The Psychological Benefits of Cleaning and Decluttering – This video discusses the mental health benefits of decluttering, cleaning, and organizing such as relieving anxiety and fighting depression and talks about how cleaning can help us feel more relaxed, empowered, and in control of our lives as well as improve our relationships and self esteem. If you struggle with mess and clutter, please view the others views I have made on this topic that can help you begin to address this issue in a way that is not overwhelming or threatening, as well as approach this process with self compassion, self love, and self understanding. You can view the current Clutter and Disorganization Playlist here: Please make sure to subscribe to this channel as this is a topic I will continue to address! I hope you find today’s video insightful and helpful!

✧ This channel is dedicated to self-growth and emotional well-being topics such as anxiety relief and management, mindfulness, psychology, philosophy, personality theory, forgiving ourselves, overcoming procrastination, moving forward, positivity, self-care and acceptance, taking inspired action, mental health, living in the moment, motivation, cultivating joy and much more! Thanks so much for watching!

✧ Nena Lavonne is a certified life coach, author, and motivational speaker with a background in developmental and personality psychology who specializes in self development. Nothing brings her more happiness than helping others lead more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling lives. Nena also has a weekly podcast called “Pathways To Happiness” which is available on multiple platforms.

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✧ If you need additional support and feel that your mental health is suffering, seeking help from a licensed mental health professional can provide further guidance, support, treatment options, and coping strategies.

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