THANK YOU! This channel is for YOU, Sisters and it’s growing with each new subscriber!


(I apologize for the quality of the video. Donald Trump coughed on my devices and now they’re infected. Actually, I’ve battled technical issues all week but I did not let that to deter me from thanking you while I work on Ep. 5)

A quick message to say “thank you” to the black women, women of color, and our white girlfriends who are discovering this channel and sticking around for the ride!. I created what I couldn’t find on social media and YouTube when I accepted and began aggressively treating my ADHD last year: women who look like me who are willing to share their journey living with ADHD. Black women are practically invisible in the mental health conversation because not enough of us are seeking help. Why? We can’t treat what we don’t acknowledge. I am so passionate about bringing ADHD out of the shadow of shame. God made us this way for a reason…and your reason, your purpose or calling lies within your abundant and unique gifts that come with ADHD…wrapped in the same package with all the messy stuff, too.
I’m here when you want to comment about your messes and your successes! The next milestone for ADHD is the new Black is to reach 1,000 subscribers which will enable me to do more live interaction with you, my fellow absent-minded queens. So, please share this channel or one of the videos. “Like” and “Subscribe”

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