Task & Calendar Update for ADHD 10/03/2023 A GTD-inspired Weekly Review Work with Me (Commentary)

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If you have task lists or calendars that you need to look over, but never get around to it, join us! Let us be your accountability (and company) to get your tasks and projects up to date!

A weekly review is protected and sacred time to look at (but not work on) the commitments we have made to ourselves or others. This is often in the form of looking over the system (tools, such as calendar, task management app, planner) that house the reminders for those commitments. It can also be a time to plan projects or tasks. This ideally allows us to feel we know what is going on in our lives and be ready to be proactive instead of reactive about actions we take day to day.

Brittany Smith and Colleen Rutledge, 2 ADHD Coaches, work through their respective Weekly Reviews (complete with commentary and mutterings!) Along the way, the coaches will drop some related nuggets of productivity wisdom, or things that have worked for them and their own neurodiversity. Join the fun, ask some questions, and get some support going over your commitments and system!

If you’d like to walk through a real-time, neurodiverse Weekly Review, here’s a prime example! We’ll talk about how ADHD interacts with our productivity goals (and occasionally ASD, as it comes up).

If this is your first time, check out our first video, chatting about using a GTD-style Weekly Review for folks with ADHD:

We use a modified Pomodoro technique.
Timer color code:
Blue=Wrap it up, mark what you’ll do when you come back from break

We strive to be completely authentic– sharing our struggles and our lessons learned as we go through.

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This week:
Brittany reviewed a calendar, scheduled coworking, Review some big Projects, and imported other projects into OmniFocus! Then she took a little time to clear out some inbox things and quick tasks. A good review!

Colleen’s weekly review consisted of some planning, some wrapping up/retiring of some projects, and a touch of inbox processing including moving a task to someday/maybe that had been blocking the inbox for some time. It was a good day.

You can find more:


Course on setting up a task management system with ADHD:

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