How to get the best out of ADHD employees (Just LIFT!)

Whether you’re working with your own ADHD brain or someone else’s, the goal is the same: to get the best out of that brain. Here are some ways you can…

How to (Actually) Get Out the Door on Time

Hello Brains! I would like to write a description of this video, but I’m running late GET BRILI FREE FOR A MONTH HERE! d -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Facebook: dTwitter: dPatreon Support: d…

125 Strategies to get your ADHD reWired, part 1/5

While failure can be painful and inconvenient – it is a powerful teacher, that is, if you approach it with curiosity, without judgment and an eagerness to learn. This is…

My Time on Concerta with ADHD – Day 1

*I apologize that the video is blurry for the first 2 minutes and 42 seconds!* Today, April 22, 2013 is my first day on 18mg of Concerta. I took it…

Concerta time-release mechanisms Time-Lapse

Concerta Osmosis time release mechanism.Music from Aisles (

ADHD and Time Management: How to Manage Your Time and Hold Yourself Responsible! | HIDDEN ADHD

With symptoms like procrastination, distractibility and time blindness – time management does not come naturally to us adults with ADHD. Today, I will be sharing some ADHD-friendly time management strategies….

How To Master Time Management – ADHD Skills Part 1

This video will show you what you can do to help your ADHD. This video is a continuation of a video I made on executive function. This video is called…

ADHD concerta. Time to stop.

I have decided to stop takeing concerta due to the advers side affects.

Immune Gut & Brain

ADHD reWired ep 82 – Nutrition for the ADHD Brain

With a focus on nutrition for the busy and business-minded, Karl Pilz joins Eric to break down the basics of how the foods we eat can have a dramatic effect…

Russell Barkley, ADHD: Is there an adult-onset?

This is a clip taken from episode 152 of ADHD reWired.