Early look at Revel Concerta speakers

Jim Garrett, director of Marketing, offers an early look at the latest Revel Concerta speakers, due on sale this autumn. Find out more about Revel at /Facebook: s Join us…

Revel Concerta M8 Speaker Unboxing

Revel Concerta M8 – />Revel Concerta M 10 (M8’s big brother) – 8 ————————— PATREON: />BUYMEACOFFEE: TWITTER: 5EMAIL: thefrugalaudiophile@yahoo.com Unboxing Knife (sorta) – P

Z Review – Revel B1 Concerta 12″ Subwoofer

B1 Homepage [ as compared to SVS SB1000 [ The distortion sound you hear is distortion the microphone experiencing with the crazy low end. Will have to try something else…

Revel Concerta 2

Revel Concerta 2