How to ADHD’s First Song! It’s About Being Nervous About Writing One

Hey Brains! This is Jessica’s first recording of her first song ever! (Audio only) She just started learning the ukelele this year so she could write songs for the channel,…

First day on a Concerta/ ADHD journey/ part 2

#ADHD #ADHDwomen

Adult ADHD: My first day on Concerta.

This video documents my first experience using Concerta to treat my ADHD.

Cale’s first day on Vyvanse OMG!!!

Doctor put him on Vyvanse and he turned into a chatterbox.


These are my initial thoughts on Vyvanse. Twitter – z Insta – / Contact –

ADHD @ 28 – First day on Concerta

Switching To Elvanse (Vyvanse) From Concerta (Generic) First Impressions

How to get a Diagnosis To receive perks, join this channel n Please be aware that I am not a physician. After 3+ years on Concerta/Methylphenidate, I finally threw in…

First Day on Concerta / ADHD Journey / Part 1

This is a vlog of my first few days on Concerta for ADHD. This is my first time taking medication for ADHD. I apologize that the video is so long,…