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I’m so excited to finally share my final video in this series on Mental Health , where I go into detail about what has worked for me and helped me to completely recover from Clinical Depression, after experiencing it for at least 30 years! It is Mental Health Awareness Month this month, which seems quite synchronistic.


This video does not contain any prescriptive information. I am not a doctor. I share what I have learned with you in the hope that it will help you. If you are currently under the medical care of a GP, psychologist, or counsellor. Before making any changes to the care plan, you should always seek their guidance and support. Reiterate, don’t make any changes to your care plan without first consulting the medical professionals supporting you.

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Here’s a link to my first blog post about clinical depression:

Here’s a link to my 2nd blog post about diagnosing clinical depression and when it is time to seek help:

Here’s a link to my video on identifying signs and asking for help.

Recovery of Your Inner Child is the title of the book I mentioned.
Lucia Capacchione
And my email address for you to reach out to me for help is: [email protected]

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