CBT for Adult ADHD

Better Brain, Better Game!

Chris and Ryan discuss evidence-based, cognitive behavioral treatment for adults and college students with ADHD. Throughout the video they outline what treatment is, how it is conducted, and go into detail about specific elements likely to be encountered in a CBT treatment for adult or college students with ADHD.

Topics covered include: treatment overview (treatment outcomes, format, length, and tips for success; @ 1:18), psychoeducation (what is adult ADHD & what are the goals of treatment; @ 3:04), time management (time awareness, planning, prioritizing, using to-do lists, breaking down large or seemingly impossible tasks, and avoiding procrastination; @ 4:44), organization & reducing distractibility (setup organization systems and tips for reducing distractions; @ 9:00), adaptive thinking (how to manage negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; @ 10:27), relapse prevention (steps needed to reduce the likelihood of relapse; @ 13:34), and finding treatment (@ 14:21).

To find evidence-based ADHD assessments or treatments near you visit the links below:

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