Anxiety, Stress, and Lord of the Flies

Anxiety, Stress, and Lord of the Flies
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“What’s wrong with people?!” I’ve heard that phrase increasingly frequently over the past few years. One news story after another offers ‘proof’ that human beings are naturally cruel.

Scary movies, gory and graphic crime shows, and endless horror novels brim with the most appalling atrocities.

It’s easy to forget they are fiction. A classic example is the acclaimed Nobel Prize-winning Lord Of The Flies. British schoolboys, castaway on a deserted island turn into murderous savages. The story was hailed for revealing the true reality of human nature. Bull Crap!

A reality check proves that it’s utter nonsense. Join me and discover the lovely story of what ACTUALLY happened when a REAL group of school boys were marooned on a tropical island for over a year.



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