ADHD Aha! | Working mom with ADHD, feeling control over nothing (Cathy’s story)

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ADHD coach Cathy Rashidian spent the first 20 years of her career climbing the corporate ladder. She was a workaholic with undiagnosed ADHD. Then two major life events shifted her path and perspective. At 35, she was diagnosed with cancer. She kept craving going back to work after treatment, even though she wasn’t ready. Then she had a baby at age 40. She felt overwhelmed and like she had control over nothing. Then finally, after her doctor’s fourth suggestion, she got tested for ADHD. From there everything started to make sense.

Cathy, who’s also the host of the “Proudly ADHD” podcast, talks about being a working mom with ADHD, her PMDD diagnosis, and “compassionate scheduling” to feel and function as best as possible. Join host Laura Key and Cathy’s discussion on ADHD in women, parenting, shame, and more.

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