ADHD Aha! | When “ditzy” is finally diagnosed as ADHD (Jen’s story)

After losing her mom at 23 and having kids starting at 27, writer Jen Barton, now 39 with four kids, was in a strange place. For the first time in a long time, she wasn’t feeling overly anxious or depressed. She felt creative and was bonding with her kids. But still, something “wasn’t right.” She started looking under every rock for an answer to her disorganization, “ditziness,” and chaos. What she found…was ADHD.

Hear from Jen, who wrote the “British Vogue” article “Why Does No One Believe My ADHD Diagnosis?” She talks about ADHD in women, parenting with ADHD, and how her perspective has changed now that she’s been diagnosed with ADHD.

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