7 Surprising Tips to Demolish Anxiety #PaigePradko

Treatment for anxiety disorders is surprising, because it requires doing the opposite of what common sense tells you to do. I am sharing 7 tips to help you successfully treat and demolish your anxiety by using paradoxical methods of welcoming and allowing anxiety symptoms.

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First, I call these tips to demolish anxiety surprising, because I am shocked how many people do the wrong thing when it comes to treating their anxiety.

They do all this stuff trying to calm down, but what they don’t know, is that they are making it worse. Let me explain.

Responding to anxiety with relaxation techniques and supplements and medications in the moment, to get rid of anxiety, sends your brain the message that anxiety is bad, and something that must be dangerous …..because you don’t want it. And your brain begins to fear anxiety symptoms in your body.

And guess what, that causes the amygdala in your brain to get more activated and that causes your fight or flight system to get more activated every time your brain notices an anxiety symptom in your body. And It makes your anxiety and panic worse.

Anxiety is calmed by using paradoxical approaches. We do the opposite of trying to get rid of anxiety. We welcome and embrace anxiety. This sends the communication to our brain that we are fine, we are safe, we are not bothered or afraid of our anxiety symptoms and our amygdala calms down and our anxiety decreases.

In this video I review a few tips to help you send helpful messages to your brain to calm down your anxiety instead of upping the ante. Because your response to your anxiety is the most important factor that will determine whether you make your anxiety better or worse.

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