496 | Navigating ADHD as a Black Man with Vernon T. Foster II

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In this episode, Eric is joined by Vernon T. Foster II! Vernon is an author, podcaster, and self-proclaimed Sommelier of video marketing. Diagnosed with ADHD just over 2 years ago, Vernon is passionate about sharing his experience as a black man living with ADHD and creating community.

You’ll hear Vernon share his story from life as a kid to today, what prompted him to write his book, what it’s like to have to walk out the door as a black man in America while navigating ADHD, and dealing with challenges because of the layers society has placed on African American men.

Learn more about Vernon T. Foster II on Linkedin (click here!) or at his video marketing website at vernontfoster.com (click here!) Get Vernon’s book at adhdblack.com – The Black Man’s Handbook to Living with ADHD: 5 Ways to Create a Better Tomorrow No Matter How You’re Feeling Today (click here!) Check out his Instagram @vernononvideo [Instagram] Questions/Topics:

[00:01:06] Introducing Vernon and his continuing process of figuring himself out and his ADHD journey [00:02:56] Vernon shares his experiences with various jobs and getting fired [00:04:47] A conversation about what led Vernon to ADHD, connecting the dots, and life as the “token black kid” in school [00:08:09] Experiencing covert racism [00:10:02] Vernon shares about his time at Florida State University and a discussion on testing [00:10:50] Eric and Vernon on Scantrons [00:14:44] The Stroop Test [00:16:34] ADHD medication, college, and an important message [00:20:45] Eric shares a test-taking strategy [00:21:38] Life after an ADHD diagnosis / A shocking statistic / What prompted Vernon to write his book [00:23:35] Vernon shares his reaction about the ADHD diagnosis statistics on African American and Latino children [00:23:58] “Why didn’t anyone tell me this sh*t?” [00:25:19] Eric asks Vernon, “As a black man, diagnosed later with ADHD, […] what do you think is maybe not understood by most people?” [00:25:57] “The world is already against you, the odds are already stacked against you” / Other challenges navigating the world as a black man [00:27:52] Understanding ADHD and how it affects every aspect of Vernon’s life [00:29:34] The challenges of navigating the world with something very visible alongside something that is invisible and how one affects the other [00:32:02] “A lot of people who look like me…” / Level the playing field / Hoarding information and wealth and perpetuating the cycle [00:33:36] “It’s my duty to be a steward of those things to help support other people that look like me, people that also don’t look like me.” [00:39:34] Vernon shares his wisdom, tips, and being a work in progress [00:42:14] Tapping into the tools after an ADHD diagnosis [00:44:20] Managing emotions, emotional intelligence, and taking your power back / Mindfulness [00:48:17] Support, family, and community / “It’s really hard to do this alone.” [00:52:55] Communicating what you need when you have ADHD [00:57:33] Closing thoughts Resources & Honorable Mentions:

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