work day in my life with ADHD | productivity apps, keeping routine, medication update!!! (concerta)

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so sorry for the funky footage on some part of this (new iphone — still figuring it out!)

welcome to another day in my life living with ADHD — i’m back in the D.C. area with my husband and wanted to bring you a long on my days. i talk about Finch, my fave productivity app for ADHD, keeping a routine, and give updates on my medications (concerta). I’m surviving and even thriving!

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Hi I’m Rachel, a lifestyle vlogger in my twenties working full time & living in Washington, D.C.! I’m originally from California, but moved across the country to further my career at 22!

I create content that focuses on establishing your dream career/life post-graduation, while enjoying hobbies & maintaining good mental health. Let me know if you want to see any post-grad vlogs, 9 to 5 job or college advice, any get ready with me videos, more day in my life and week in my life vlogs, etc. I’d love it if you would subscribe!

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