Women With ADHD: How A Diagnosis Changed Our Lives

Better Brain, Better Game!

Growing up, Cheyenne, Jnanee and Moonlake struggled with being distracted, careless, forgetful, disorganised and late, which led them to believe they were “stupid”, “dysfunctional” and “flawed”. They didn’t know they had Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Research shows that ADHD in girls and women is more common than it is in boys. This is because their symptoms of inattention, unlike hyperactivity in boys, are less likely to get diagnosed.

Cheyenne lost her scholarship without access to medication or coping strategies. Jnanee was afflicted by panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Moonlake’s marriage began to crack.

These women saw a change in their lives when they were finally diagnosed with ADHD. They now help others through www.unlockingADHD.com – a non-profit set up by Moonlake to empower those with ADHD.


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