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It’s so casual, how do you wrap your arms around mine ?It has reached the point that I cannot ignore what you have always said.

I’m ready to be hit with all of it.
You are still visible, but far away.
(I believe it’s better to be alone, left unspoken )

Are you in a shambles?
Please help me to see it through.
I know that you see the worst of me, and I see the worst of you.

If I am using too many chemicals, let me know.
The ones who tell you to leave it at that.
Let’s take a look at ,
to see what’s hidden inside.You might find it better to say nothing.
It’s all harmless

Leave me alone
What makes you feel okay
Do you want me to make up my mind
?Please don’t interrupt me so that I can give you a glimpse into the mind of an absent person.
We both know that this doesn’t work.

End Child Anxiety

Do you feel the same?
What happens when we fail to succeed?
It’s not a good idea to hide in shame (When I want you to …)

I will remain silent, as you had hoped
I believe I’ve spoken enough
Your actions make you bite your tongue
It’s getting too hard to run from all these thoughts,
.I’ll be silent and let the still air escape my thought
Don’t behave the same way when you come back

Directed and directed by Alex Zarek /

#wilmette #mutantleague #poppunk

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