Welcome to MissUnderstood

Welcome to MissUnderstood
Better Brain, Better Game!

For decades, women with ADHD have been overlooked and undiagnosed. That’s finally beginning to change. But there’s still so far to go.

This is where MissUnderstood comes in. We’re a channel made by women with ADHD for women with ADHD. And we’re talking about the things we want to hear. Women with ADHD need (good!) information, smart takes on ADHD topics, and so much more.

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Hang out with @catieosaurus and guests as they discuss ADHD, relationships, and sex on Sorry, I Missed This. Get answers to the ADHD questions you didn’t know you had from Dr. Monica Johnson on ADHD and…. Or tune in for practical tips from empathetic ADHD coach (who’s totally been there) Jaye Lin with Tips From an ADHD Coach.

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