Vyvanse Metabolism to d-Amphetamine

Vyvanse Metabolism to d-Amphetamine

*CORRECTION NOTICEAt 1: 15 I noted that in 1960 it was reported a racemic mixture of amphetamine could be used to control ADHD symptoms. However, I stated that it was approved by FDA for treatment of ADHD in 1996.. The treatment of ADHD in 1996. was approved by the FDA. However, it was approved in a 3:1 ratio between the d- and l-isomers (as I explain at 3 15 in this video), and not the racemic mixture in the 1960 research.

A brief overview of Metabolism of Lisdexamfetamine, (Vyvanse), and other pertinent information provided by a classmate (give him credit for finding all of the sources). ALL information presented was acquired from recently published (2010-2014) PRIMARY scientific journal articles, which are cited at the end of the video. The articles used were/were, to the best of our knowledge the most current and advanced articles available on the metabolism Lisdexamfetamine. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, feel that something is unclear, missed something, or if you have any other concerns. Youtube is a place I frequent often, so I’ll be sure to respond to you promptly. A thumbs up for our video is always appreciated!

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