Vagus Nerve Exercises To Rewire Your Brain From Anxiety

In this video I show you three vagus nerve exercises to rewire your brain from anxiety. I also share what anxiety actually is (and the surprising reason why it’s good for you) as well as what to do when anxiety hits.

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0:00 How To Reprogram Your Brain From Anxiety
1:23 What Causes Anxiety
2:38 What Does Anxiety Feel Like?
4:30 What To Do When Anxiety Hits
5:17 Vagus Nerve Exercises To Rewire Your Brain From Anxiety
5:28 Vagus Nerve Exercises: Neck Mobility
7:36 Vagus Nerve Exercises: Rib Cage Mobility
11:42 Vagus Nerve Exercises: SCM Stretch

— Vagus Nerve Exercises To Rewire Your Brain From Anxiety —

If you’re someone who frequently struggles with anxiety — or even just worried thoughts — you might think your brain is broken.

Not true.

Anxiety is actually a survival mechanism.

It tells you when you’re in danger — or at least when your nervous system believes it is.

Anxiety tells you to step away from a high cliff edge so you don’t fall to your death. It warns you when a person has bad intentions (usually we call this intuition).

But we can experience anxiety in situations where we are actually safe — and that’s when it becomes a problem.

In these cases, your nervous system has gotten “stuck” in danger mode. The whole world suddenly looks like it’s out to get you.

Cue the anxiety!

This is a big problem because “danger” can look like making new friends or business connections.

It can mean putting yourself out there for a promotion or going for a big new client.

It can shake your confidence — literally, by giving you the jitters — before your big competition.

Anxiety can tell you to stay small, play it safe, keep to your lane — when what you really want is to reach for the stars.

Most anxiety treatments focus on changing your thoughts — thinking positively, using affirmations, etc.

Or, they might suggest taking a deep breath (hard to do when your diaphragm is frozen in fear — and yes, this happens).

What we really need are methods to jolt your nervous system out of danger mode and back into safe and happy mode (assuming you’re not actually in physical danger, of course).

This doesn’t happen at the thought level — it happens in your biology.

In your autonomic nervous system, to be exact.

Your vagus nerve is part of your autonomic nervous system and functions to help your body deal with stress.

This video gives you three vagus nerve exercises to rewire your anxious brain and bring you back to a centered state.

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