Think You Have ADHD? How to Talk to Your Parents


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“But ADHD isn’t real:” /

ADHD is real, video by CHADD: /

For kids:
Tips on how to ask for help with an emotional or mental health issue: t

Tips for talking to your parents about ADHD: r

For parents:

What is ADHD: K

If your child does have ADHD: U

Why it might not be ADHD: U

Immune Gut & Brain

The right way to get a diagnosis: l

Test for parents to take: a symptom checklist: U

Meds may reduce substance abuse: W

Quick note: when I say proper treatment does not turn kids into zombies, I do not mean no medication has ever made kids feel that way, I mean the right treatment at the right dose shouldn’t. I am on a dose of Vyvanse that works very well for me, but it took some time to find what worked.

Dr. Russell Barkley video — very long, completely worth it — “The 30 essential ideas every parent needs to know:” A

Links from the video:
Understood: n

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