Sykespico – Concerta

Sykespico – Concerta

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Sykespico – Perspective, released on 30. Sep 2019 by Suntrip Records – SUNCD58

You’ll be just as excited as we are to release Sykespico’s debut album, “Perspective”, if you followed up on our previous VA’s. Matan Levi and Nadav Elhadad are the producers behind this powerful, melodic project. They hail from south Israel and have released tracks and an EPs on Global Sect and Zion 604 as well as tracks on Suntrip.

They carefully selected and engineered “Perspective”, a multifaceted intelligent and resourceful story that will stimulate your brain on the sofa as well as on the dancefloor.

The duo opens softly with “Great Light”, an airy track. It builds up with progressive influences and a huge break that must have lifted a lot of desert dust.
The next story is “Psycho Therapy”, which has a more mellow, mechanical, synthetic feeling.
“Trancologia”, and “6EQJE5” will propel you to the heart of the album. They smell like underground parties where you can let go and dance freely. You are captivated by massive leads that will only let you go with a funky twist.
You will love melodies if you are a fan of “Concerta”, and its whacking rhythmic packets a whole lot…chirping, howing, twirling and rollercoasting!
The “Visit Earth”, which we released on “The th Parallel”, was quite atmospheric. But, wait until you hear the “Live Mix” Sykespico created for “Perspective”. This track is a neuron booster and contains lots of fx as well as melodic surprises. If you are still standing, “Dance Float”, a rhythmic battleship convoy pounding your brain with explosive melodies, is the final treatment.
Sykespico cannot deny their israeli-gothrance influences with “Spacestation”; the duo showcases their amazing skills with this spin-top track that is constantly accelerating and decelerating, just to blow your mind!
Many great albums end with a semi-slow track. This is the case with “Perlimor Star”, an electronic echo from birds of paradise in the vastness of the universe …
Matan and Nadav prove that it is possible to be poets as well as goatrance producers. Follow their journey through their imaginative “Perspective”!

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