Texas Tree Lighting 2002
Monday, December 9, 2002
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The Texas tree lighting ceremony was last night, and it went very well. There are now 33 names on the tree. I was lucky and got great coverage in the Amarillo Globe news. A small article right before Thanksgiving, and a picture of my husband and I decorating the tree and good size article just after Thanksgiving. I was also on the local tv morning show. A couple who lost their son at just 14 yrs of age were the tree hosts. They were gracious and wonderful to work with.
We had a table of hot cider and cookies, as well as the table with a blue candle and a framed copy on pretty paper of the poem we read. We also rolled the poem and tied it with blue ribbon to give with each guest, this was a great hit with everyone to those of you who are looking for other little things to do at your ceremonies.
I also included a sign in book and asked everyone for there address so I can notify them next year on when the ceremony would be next year. We read the poem and turned on the lights, then everyone mingled and visited. I think it was very nice. I'll be sending pictures soon and I have a lot of people to thank. Last year we had a guitarist who played music softly, but it was to misty this year to do that. The nicest part is meeting all the people who called and who attended. I have extra copies of the poem and I will be mailing to those who could not attend.
Thanks to all of you and good luck on your ceremonies. God Bless, Terri
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