South Dakota Tree Lighting 2002
January 1, 2003
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Our lighting was sooooo beautiful! I cried, I laughed, and I hugged total strangers! Grown men were in tears. Some even offered money to keep the trees going (but I told them the trees were my gift to them and thanked them kindly.)
One couple said that this was their first step towards healing since their 18 yr. old daughter's death in April 2002. They shared that their daughter's friends would stop by from time to time when they lived in Iowa and the kind reminders hurt so badly that they decided to move. They could not handle the "what might have beens." It was so touching. We had 4 friends and 8 survivors, besides myself. I was pleased with this turn out especially because it was not made public so late, including the first news coverage.
I feel so sad for all those who came. However, I feel good because the trees touched those people who needed it. It was a bit chilly tonight. But with all the hugs--I didn't notice until after everyone had left!
KELO TV ran a good article tonight and it will run in the morning and on the noon news tomorrow. The newspaper is doing another article and they finally took pics of the trees. Please take good care! Brenda Reeves
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