Resources for Survivors
Information is listed to assist you as you seek to understand and cope with the horrific loss(es) of your loved one(s). This information does not replace professional or faith-based counseling.
Please visit individual tree coordinators for their personal Web memorials or support group. Memory Tree of Lights archives is located at the bottom of this section.
I do not endorse, promote, or seek supernatural solutions outside of orthodox religion. Indirect links or sublinks, which may connect you to such, are unintended and I encourage you to avoid such temptations.

Spiritual Comfort
Father's Love Letter, a beautiful message of hope and love for those who are hurting. Please visit their website at

Prevention & Understanding
American Association of Suicidology, understanding and preventing suicide. 
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, prevention, research, and prevention programs.
Center for Suicide Prevention, 31,000 references pertaining to all aspects of suicide.
Depression and Suicide Reference Library - Child Suicide
Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources
Tears of A Cop, an officer dies every 24 hours from suicide, stats and more. 
The Jed Foundation, suicide is second leading cause of death among college-age students.  
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE), suicide awareness, stigma, survival. 
Suicide Prevention Action Network, USA, Inc.(SPAN), information on suicide prevention.
SPRC - The Suicide Prevention Resource CenterPromoting a public health appraoch to suicide prevention.
Drugwatch, a comprehensive online medical database featuring information about thousands of medications currently on the market or previously available worldwide.. 

Support Agencies
Alive Alone, loss of your only or all of your children.
Befrienders, Int., directory of suicide crisis hotlines. 
Compassionate Friends, friendship and support to bereaved parents. 
Depression and BiPolar Alliance, improving the lives of those living with mood disorders.  
Families for Depressive Awareness, bringing depression into the light. 
Fierce Goodbye surviving after the loss of a loved through faith communities by Mennonite Media. 
Friends for Survival, Inc., loving outreach for those of suicide loss. 
Gift from Within, survivors of trauma and victimization.
Grief Companion, words of comfort from the Bruderhof community. 
GriefNet, dealing with grief, death, major loss by Cendra Lynn, Ph.D. 
Heartbeat, national and international support groups. 
Dealing With Life and Death: Coping with Grief and Loss, Article from Guardian Insurance on "Dealing With Life and Death: Coping with Grief and Loss"
Sibling Connection, sibling grief process by Pleasant Gill White, Ph.D.  
Web Healing, Tom Golden, LCSW 

Memorialize our Loved Ones
Law Enforcement Memorial 
Parents of Suicide Memorials 
Suicide Memorial Wall 
Virtual Memorial Garden
Virtual Memorials

Reading Corner
Bereavement Magazine, complete grief resource center. 
Centering Corporation, grief resource center.  
Surviving After Loss of Child Suicide, Jan Anderson, tree coordinator for UK. 
Suicide Survivors Handbook, coping with others and holidays. 
Suggested books, assisting with coping and recovery.

Memory Tree Coordinator Articles
Two mothers setting up suicide support group (Malta), 2003
Maryland Memory Tree memorializes suicide victims (Maryland), 2003
Grants to Prevent Suicide (Virginia), 2002
Memorial unites familes left behind (South Dakota), 2002
South Dakota Tree Lighting 2002
Suicide Memory Tree In Sioux Falls (South Dakota), 2002
Texas Tree Lighting 2002
Christmas Tree Remembers Suicide Victims (Tennessee), 2001
Colorado Tree Lighting, 2001
Pennsylvania Promo Flier, 2001
Texas Tree Lighting Press Release, 2001
Tree Honors the Victims of Suicide (Colorado), 1998

Memory Tree Coordinator Photos
Colorado Memory Tree Lighting, 1998-2001
Memorial unites familes left behind (South Dakota) pictorial, 2002
Pennsylvania Memory Tree Lighting, 2001
Virginia Memory Tree Lighting, 2001

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