My Pregnancy Journey with ADHD: An Update

Hello Brains and Hearts! I’ve received a lot of questions about my pregnancy journey (and my ADHD while pregnant!), so I decided to answer as many questions as I could! It’s a bit of a long video so please feel free to use the chapters to skip around to the questions that you’re more interested in. 🙂

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Relaxin: a hormone that helps “relax” a pregnant person’s body during late pregnancy in preparation for childbirth. Source: VeryWellFamily

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Video chapters
00:00 – Intro
00:41 – An Important Note
01:23 – Did you stop taking your ADHD medication while pregnant?
03:37 – Which symptoms have improved or gotten worse while pregnant?
05:34 – Did you have any pregnancy cravings?
07:37 – Have you had any hyperactivity struggles while pregnant?
09:06 – Do you have a doula?
10:50 – Have you started thinking about creating routines to help yourself better navigate the first year/baby phase?
12:58 – Do you ever get overstimulated just being in your own body with the physical discomfort of pregnancy?
15:00 – Do you have a sleep plan figured out for the newborn phase?
16:05 – Have you developed any organizational plans for her room or the house that are ADHD-friendly?
18:02 – How do you EVEN while pregnant with ADHD?!?! Chronic pain, fatigue, bad brain days, executive function and time management…
19:20 – How open are you to people feeling your belly?
20:18 – How has being pregnant changed your outlook on self-care?
21:04 – If you’re dealing with anxiety/fear how are you coping with that?
24:29 – What research have you been doing? To prepare, what have you found helpful?
26:07 – Has Chloe helped as a service dog in different/new ways during pregnancy?
27:41 – How did you decide IF you wanted children? Did you always know or did you consider not?
29:24 – How about tips for a soon to be ADHD dad on looking after the mum during labor without getting too excited/hyper?
30:54 – How are you actually doing and feeling right now?
30:06 – Video Wrap Up & Future Series!

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