Meditation for ADHD That Actually Works! (with guided mindfulness meditation practice)

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I’m a meditation teacher with ADHD. I quickly learned that most styles of meditation do not work for me, and don’t address the root causes of ADHD.

I similarly found that many psychological approaches to ADHD are primarily focused on symptom management, and don’t address the underlying issues.

After a lot of trial and error, I eventually found a way of practicing that actually works! I have personally seen a dramatic reduction of my ADHD symptoms.

I made this video as well as a short guided meditation you can download to introduce you to a truly effective approach to treating the underlying causes of ADHD.

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Yes, the elusive style of meditation practice for ADHD and ADD that actually works does indeed exist. Meditating is often prescribed for those of us suffering from ADHD / ADD, which is essentially torture if it’s a concentration style practice.

But fear not, mindfulness or Vipassana style practices can offer relief for the restlessness of ADHD, especially when they are focused on developing more clarity and equanimity with the underlying restlessness.

This video explores the practices that actually work for ADHD and ADD (I keep writing both because many people do not suffer from the hyperactivity).

If you’re looking for a natural treatment for ADHD, this would certainly be an integral part, along with diet and exercise. Hope you enjoy!

The Life Changing Power of Equanimity: I

Working with Feelings: E

Working with Thoughts: Q

0:00 the problem with simple practices
1:05 understanding ADHD in the body
1:42 dopamine deficiency
2:29 why stimulants work
2:57 shifting to a somatic perspective
3:18 the approach that works
3:44 the painful ADHD feedback loop
4:48 the mindful / vipassana approach
5:26 the practice of mindfulness
6:31 Meditation
14:51 Outro

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