Is your snacking a sign of a medical condition?

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Do you have the newest eating disorder–it has to do with snacking and binge eating. Let’s see what happens. Step 1:

Overview of Healthy Ketogenic Diet & Intermittent Fasting:
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0: 07 What’s binge-eating?
0: 23 Are you suffering from this type of binge-eating disorder?
1: 05 The drug for a binge eating disorder
1: 38 Side Effects of Vyvanse
2: 05 My opinion on snacking and binge eating
2: 13 Stop binging

Could binge-eating and snacking be a sign of a medical condition? We’ll find out in this video.

Binge Eating Disorder, or (B.E.D.) is the newest eating disorder.

Signs that you may have a binge-eating disorder
Exceedive eating for at least one time per week for 3 months
Every 2 hours
Eating faster
Eating until uncomfortable
Eating alone
Feeling guilty after eating
Following a diet that cuts out certain food groups
Participating in sporadic fasting

Vyvanse is a medication that treats binge-eating disorders. This new drug is an old drug that was previously used for other purposes. This is the only FDA-approved treatment for this condition.

Side effects of Vyvanse:

Sudden cardiac death
Significantly high blood pressure
High abuse rate
Viewing and hearing

Vyvanse is not the answer to this problem. I believe that binging and snacking is not a medical condition. It’s something that many people do. If they did healthy keto and intermittent fasting, it would reduce their need for snacking.

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Thank you for watching! You can reduce snacking and binging naturally by giving healthy keto with intermittent fasting an attempt.

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