Is body doubting the secret to ADHD productivity? (FOCUSMATE REVIEW & TUTORIAL!) | HIDDEN ADHD


Want to stop procrastination it it’s tracks and be productive even when you don’t want to? Let’s discuss my #1 ADHD productivity tool that you should be using… FOCUSMATE
Body doubling, in ADHD terminology, is when someone with ADHD sits alongside a person with ADHD and helps them complete tasks they might not be able to do on their own.
Focusmate will be reviewed and I’ll show you why I love it so much. #focusmate #adhd


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To spread awareness about nonhyperactive ADHD (what i call “Hidden ADHD”) in order to help those who are suffering. They should know what they can do to help. They should know they are not lazy, unmotivated, or willfully irresponsible. They should know that they have the potential to realize their full potential and live the life of their dreams.

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