I started ADHD Medication at 19 years old

Edit Feb 2022: the ever-so requested update video is up now:

Another edit: I take Vyvanse. I don’t know why I didn’t mention

It was surprising to me that I was told I had ADHD when 19 old. You might not have seen my videos before ….

Correction: In the video, I mention three types of ADHD. These are not different forms of ADHD
I’m feeling joy right now, however. That’s a good thing. You can reach out to someone, or a program that you trust, if you have any questions.

Online support and resources:

Canada Wide: 1
USA: /
you like?
Information about ADHD: Do not attempt to diagnose 😉



For any business inquires (or if you want to say hi or whatever idc): [email protected]

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