HYGTJ?! | Lessons from a Chief Marketing Officer with ADHD and dyslexia

It’s the last interview for “How’d You Get THAT Job?!” For this special episode, our guest is Nathan Friedman, co-president and chief marketing officer at Understood.org. Nathan was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia as a child. Early in his career, he didn’t openly discuss his learning and thinking differences. But now he recognizes the value of being vulnerable and embracing them. Today, he’s helping shape the world so people with learning and thinking differences can thrive.

Nathan went from a political science degree at Washington University in St. Louis to the world of marketing. He started as an assistant account executive at Ogilvy and at 27 became their youngest managing director. He went on to start his own company before joining Understood, where he oversees marketing and provides operational and strategic support.

Listen to Nathan’s insights into the power of advocacy, finding relatable role models, and creating a supportive network.

To find a transcript for this episode and more resources, visit the episode page at Understood.

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