HYGTJ?! | Inattentive ADHD: A freelance writer shares her journey to diagnosis


Hanna Brooks Olsen is a freelance writer with ADHD. Coming to her ADHD diagnosis was a long journey. Like so many, Hanna thought ADHD was purely hyperactivity, and she didn’t fit that description. But when she learned about the inattentive aspect of ADHD, she saw the connection to her life. She realized that her ADHD symptoms were intertwined with her bipolar disorder, anxiety, and an eating disorder.

As a freelance writer, Hanna does it all — from editing nonprofit newsletters to writing tweets. But she didn’t set out to become a jack-of-all-trades writer. Like many college graduates, she just wanted to earn enough money to pay her rent and student loans. After working a few odd jobs, Hanna discovered that she could use her skills on her own time to do what she loves: write.

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