How Vision Therapy Helps Kids with ADHD Focus and Learn

ADHD symptoms can make it hard to see what is truly going on with our kiddos. Many times, the root causes for them being distracted and unable to read and learn is due to vision issues.

In this interview, Veronica talks with Dr. Laura Knapp, a Behavioral Optometrist who works with kids to improve those fundamental vision skills. Dr. Knapp has a Doctorate in Optometry and has a passion for helping kiddos with learning-related vision disorders.

Dr. Knapp teaches us that vision is much more than 20/20 and impacts all of a persons’ processing skills and motor functions. This makes it even harder for kiddos with ADHD to process and retain information that is given to them, especially in a classroom.

With vision therapy, you can address all of these issues and:
– Reduce the symptoms that make focus difficult (headaches, vision tracking, reading comprehension)
– Improve neurological aspects of focus, motor skills, and proprioception
– Your kiddo can be more in control and less frustrated

Parents can:
– Find out more about Dr. Knapp here: /
– Find practitioner near you with
– Join the Facebook group Vision Therapy Parents Unite
– Get the book: The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning by Wendy Rosen

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