How to Win Christmas: Fantastic Presents for People with ADHD

How to Win Christmas: Fantastic Presents for People with ADHD
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This is a very special Christmas episode, made by…YOU! I asked you what you wanted for Christmas, and these were your ideas! Thank you so much for an incredible first holiday season of How to ADHD, love you all!!!!

The Brain’s Holiday Gift Tracker: n
Updated pretty version: y
(Lots of thanks to Jo and Edward for making this idea come to life! I am…terrible at Photoshop. Thanks guys!)

My PO Box (send Xmas cards!!! :D)
Jessica @ How to ADHD
P.O. Box 1526
Guasti, CA 91743-9001

Fantastic Presents for People with ADHD:

The Tangle: o
The Ultimate Fidget: F
Thinking Putty: /
The Fidget Cube: F

Brookstone back and neck massager: h
Doctor Who coloring book: C
More coloring book ideas: 8

Weighted blankets: x
Noise machine: 8

Soft bathrobe: g
Soft socks: 7
Dexterity Dough: 3
Spinner Ring: J
Massage Rings: T
Chewelry: C

Tile: o
Geareye: i

Instant Pot: G

Audible: f
WhisperSync: Y

Personalized knitting needles: L

Noise canceling headphones: 7

Pens!! X
Notebooks for #bujo: 1

Groupon: X

Cool timers!!
The Miracle Cube Timer: y
Time Tracker Mini: G
Liquid Timer: D

Wake-up Light/sunrise alarm clock: c

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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