How To Push Through Tough Tasks – ADHD Skills Part 2

How To Push Through Tough Tasks – ADHD Skills Part 2

With ADHD, procrastination is huge. Nobody wants to do unpleasant tasks. ADHD can make it difficult to avoid certain tasks because they seem too large. You might think the task is too complicated or too time-consuming.

This video will show you how to finish tasks that you might normally put off. This is done by pairing enjoyable activities with unpleasant. You have now created the task list, identified which parts are difficult and estimated how long it should take. This video will show you how to do it. The pleasant activity can be used immediately as a reward or simultaneously with the unpleasant. To make the unpleasant activity more bearable, you can create a comfortable environment. It’s like taking bad medicine and eating something sweet. You can also adjust the time you spend doing the unpleasant stuff to make it just before you do the good stuff.

To be able to complete tasks on time, the second tip is to prioritize them according to importance. This will help you to avoid wasting time on unnecessary things and make it easier to focus on the important stuff. More firerills will result. You become inefficient and forgetful when you are constantly in a state of urgent and catchup.


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