How to Know if You Have ADHD

How to Know if You Have ADHD
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I’m not a doctor, but here are some things you need to know.

UPDATE: The DSM IV has updated the “types” to “presentations”, which are inattentive presentation, and others. to better reflect the fluidity and ability of symptoms to change over time.

Adult ADHD Test (from 6
ADHD test specifically designed for women (from & /

(video) This is a hilarious, but very accurate “unofficial” test by Totally ADD: j

Have you recently been diagnosed? This could be the feeling you are experiencing: U

00: 00 – Intro
00: 13 What is ADHD?
00: How does this relate to real life?
01: 37 How do I know if it is ADHD?
02: 28 Five things you should know!
03: 37 – Video Wrap-up & Outro

“The Show Must Go,” Latin Industries “
Kevin MacLeod (
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