How to Help Someone who has ADHD

How to Help Someone who has ADHD

Hello hearts who love ADHD brains! This week’s video is about YOU! We know how difficult life can be and we have a lot of tips and tricks to help you live with ADHD brains. This video will help you gain a better understanding about ADHD and how to help someone with it. We are grateful for your patience.

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This episode contains
Things that aren’t urgent should be scheduled: />
How to handle meltdowns
ADHD Impulsivity and Building up Our “Brakes”:
Gamification: />
10 Favorite Things About ADHD:
Fidget to Focus:

My 10 top resources for ADHD (video).
Here are some links ADHD brains recommend



ADDitude Connect allows you to ask questions and receive answers. )


Brain & Body Power Free Trial




Driven to Distraction

ADHD and Marriage

“The Show Must Be Go”, Life of Riley Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 .

Infographic about dopamine

Brain & Body Power Free Trial

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