How to Get Stuff Done When You Have ADHD

How to Get Stuff Done When You Have ADHD

Have trouble getting started? Keep getting distracted? Are you unable to recognize when it is time to stop? This magical fruit will help you decide when to stop! *

*Not magical
Not a fruit
It’s not healthy to eat.

Pomodoro Technique 101: x
, ignore the Unicorn: PomodoroPomodoro Technique: The Book with Pictures! ): p

00: 00 – Intro + Why do we struggle?
00: 52 – Cool Science Stuff!
01: 21 Continue reading!
02: 18 What’s a brain to do?
04: 13 – Video Wrap-up & Outro

“The Show Must Be Go,” ‘Hustle’, ‘Thunder Dreams ?Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 0

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