How to avoid making impulsive decisions in the moment 🤔 🤐 #shorts #adhd #impulse

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(Thank you Hyrulistic for the transcription help!)

[Note: this video is primarily spoken dialogue with displayed text only during the beginning, matching what Jess says. Visual elements are not described at this time]

Jess speaking:
We know ADHD-ers tend to struggle with Executive Function Challenges, but did you know that there are actually two Executive Function systems:
Hot and Cold.

When emotional stakes are high, our Hot Executive Function comes into play.
Our Hot Executive Function tells us how we should feel based on the current situation and to behave accordingly.
It’s essentially our knee-jerk reaction.

Our Cool Executive Function, on the other hand, uses abstract logic and critical analysis.
That means when we’re using our Cool Executive Function, we’re making decisions based on data, information, or logic, rather than emotion.

Unlock your A-Game!

Usually the best decisions are made when we take all of this information into account: Our emotions and the data and information.

So a cool brain hack for making better decisions is to take note of how we’re feeling in the moment, and then wait for our Cool Executive Function to kick in when we’re calm, cool, and collected, so that we get the data and information we need to make a good decision overall.

[end of video]

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