How Concerta feels like

Better Brain, Better Game!

How Concerta feels like. It changes the way you think and your mind.
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Concerta was my first experience with the drug in the late summer of 2017. I was stunned.

One 18 mg tablet was all I needed. An hour later, it hit me. I felt a little buzz in my brain. This calm, balanced feeling was what I experienced.

The child had gone, but a balanced adult was there. I was more alert, focused, and walking faster. This calm feeling was accompanied by a productive mindset.

I was not running and jumping like a Duracell bunny. I was more focused. I didn’t have trouble expressing myself or stressing out.

It was unreal. It was unreal.
ADHD people often live in such wild places that they forget what normal feels.

It’s amazing how simple it is. It is amazing how you can be so crazy without it.

Now you can take a pill, and you feel “normal”. It makes me feel like a child when I’m not taking it.

It is best to describe it as calmness and balance within your mind.

Unlock your A-Game!

Concerta, an ADHD medication, is a great tool for anyone who has this condition. This is a great tool if you have a demanding job.

You’re able to think more rationally and act in a calmer way than usual.

You don’t have to stress about every little thing like you would normally.

It’s like a Godsend for ADHD people.

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