How a journal can help your memory


Poor memory can lead to forgetting almost everything, even if it is as simple as a phone number. Many people are content with their “naturally poor” memories, but there are ways to improve your memory.

If you have memory problems, take omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown a link between memory problems and difficulties in concentration. Omega-3 fatty acids is one of the best Omega-3 sources. Either you can take the oil in liquid form or choose to take omega-3 fatty acid pills. To further enhance your memory, focus your attention by eliminating distractions from the task at hand. When you are able to stay focused, your short-term memory will become long-term memory. Poor memory is caused by distractions that can adversely affect focus. *You can prevent memory loss by spending time with friends and family. Socializing with family and friends can help you avoid stress and depression that can seriously affect memory function. You should make time to appreciate your friends and relax. It will be a great help to your memory. It may help you to organize your possessions to be able to recall where they were placed. You don’t have to search for items or scramble around looking for them by creating similar items. You can also label boxes and pack containers to record what is inside each one. This is a sensible task, regardless of whether or not you have a great memory. *) It is important to practice the steps and hardwearing. Memory fitness and health throughout the years is key. This is why weight loss programs are so important. It has been proven that folate can help prevent memory loss. Many foods rich in folate include beans, legumes, fortified bread, cereals, and citrus juices. *Practice what you need to know repeatedly. You will be more likely to recall something if you do it repeatedly. This could be a way to code something in your brain’s long-term memory component. If you don’t practice, the new information will remain in your short-term memory and be easy to forget. If you want to improve your memory, it is important that you eat breakfast. Doctors and other health professionals have found that breakfast is a great way to fuel your brain after a long night of sleep. Even if it’s a bowl of fruit or a sandwich, breakfast is important. A poor memory can really hinder one’s ability to remember. It is possible to forget the name of the person you just met, or forget some of your most treasured memories. Although everyone has a different memory capacity, the tips in this article will help you ensure that your memory works at its best.

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Anxiety symptoms can be a sign that your body has too much trauma, emotion, or personal thoughts.

Trauma and anxiety are a sign that the body seeks to heal past traumas and find new meaning in them.

Emotion: Inability to express emotions due to people from your past or society today wanting to keep you robotic and in a state robotic consciousness.

Ideas: You’ve suppressed your childlike wonder and aren’t following your creative ideas for fear of being judged by others. This perpetuates your anxiety symptoms.

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1. Daily practice PMR. (Giving permission for the body to let go).
2. Your subconscious mind is the largest part of your body. Be direct.
3. Mentally, expect to be healed. Stop Expecting and Start Trying.

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