Handling Rumination/Thought Spirals: Tips on How to Cope With Self-Destructive Thoughts

Better Brain, Better Game!

Those of us with ADHD (and especially Anxiety!) frequently have to deal with the unfortunate reality that are thought spirals. Today let’s explore some community tips on how to cope with our brain’s run away desire for rumination.

Check out OCD Stories’ Podcast on Rumination!:
What’s emotional first aid? Why’s it important? …. and how?? Check out these articles & tedtalk!:
(Please note that Sangu uses imagery taken within Africa during his Tedtalk. If that imagery is going to be upsetting for you please take care to watch this at a time that is optimal for you and allows you to take care of yourself. 🧡)

Want to read the ideas we didn’t include in the video? WE GOT YOU!:
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