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Anybody who has ever lost their keys or forgotten what they needed at the grocery store, or arrived at the wrong time for an appointment with a doctor knows that memory can be difficult. While you may be able to recall all 50 American states and the year they were created, or what your siblings are named, how many cars your car was, is it possible to remember which cars your car drove home? Or how many emails you have read in the past week. We’ll show you how to improve your memory.

To improve your memory, you need to be focused on what you are studying. It can be difficult to remember the subject accessible if you are distracted by television or loud music. You will be more likely to retain the information if you are actively paying attention to it. Socialization has been shown to be a key factor in brain function and memory. Socialization, as well as interaction with friends and family members, will help you keep your memory free and flowing. *Repetition is the key to any information being retained. You can increase your chances of retaining information in your long-term memory by repeatedly referring to it. When you meet someone new, make sure to repeat their name at least three times while looking at them.

Make sure your attention is focused on the fabric you are trying to recall. You should not be distracted by music, television, or children talking. Your mind will be unable to concentrate on the material. This can make it difficult to recall what you have studied. *Speaking out loud about what you are trying to recall is a simple way to improve your memory. Although it might seem silly at first, memorization can be improved by speaking out loud. You could even start skimming by reading a text over and over to help you remember it. You can say it loudly to make sure you read the entire thing every time. *Sleeping is an important part of memorization and memory. This is because memory consolidation happens when you’re asleep. Through the formation of neural links, memory consolidation allows acquired facts to be imprinted on the brain. This technique not only affects the information you just learned, but also helps you to retain information you have long forgotten. If you want to retain great memories, make sure you visit a dentist. It has been shown that gum disease and tooth decay can clog the carotid vessels, which in turn decreases oxygen to the brain. The brain can’t process or retain information if it doesn’t have enough oxygen. These strategies can be used every day to improve your memory. You’ll likely still be able to remember all 50 states. However, you won’t know the exact number of cars you drove home. But you will remember what you ate for lunch.

We with anxiety issues and especially health anxiety have to deal with plenty of different types of physical and mental symptoms. Two of the most debilitating and severe symptoms are hyperventilation or difficulty breathing.
While some people have breathing problems only during panic attacks, others experience them constantly. I was first diagnosed with severe anxiety after experiencing one of my first panic attacks. My breathing became more shallow and fast, and I panicked. My body started to experience strange sensations and abnormalities. My chest tightened, my hands felt dizzy and tingling, and my chest tightened. As my fear increased, the physical symptoms began to get worse. Although it subsided, I could not stop worrying. It left me wondering what had happened and what could have been the sign. It was a heart attack. Was it lung cancer? Maybe it was COPD, asthma. These thoughts kept my mind awake at night, and they continued to flood my body in stress hormones. Nearly every day, I experienced panic attacks. Even though I was not panicking, I would obsess over every breath. Making sure that everything was normal and understandable. Anxiety I fear was caused by obsessive worrying. This is the typical vicious circle of anxiety.
My mind could not stop controlling my breathing, causing me to feel breathless. It was why I suffered from insomnia.
Although there is no quick fix for anxiety, I found some helpful tips and tricks.

This video will share my experiences and explain the brain/body processes. Perhaps you can relate to this video and feel more at ease.

These videos will teach you how to control your breathing.
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These five books are incredible and I 100% think they will help improve your mental health. These five books are my top choices for anyone with anxiety.

While I don’t know if it is, you may be eligible for a small commission if one of these books is purchased through the links below. But that’s not why they are here.

These books are incredible and will be of great assistance to you!

1. David Goggins, don’t hurt me ( )

2. Breath – James Nestor ( )

3. Dare – Barry McDonagh ( )

4. Norman Doidge – 12 Rules of Life – )

5. Tony Robbins ( )
) Unleash The Power Within

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