Do You Have ADHD? or Depression? or Both? #shorts #adhd #depression #mentalhealth

When somebody has ADHD & depression the depression is considered either primary or secondary. Primary depression is a completely separate condition from ADHD. There isn’t any internal or external events that trigger feelings of sadness and despair. There’s often a family history of depression. Secondary depression is “because of” ADHD. It’s due to years of low self-esteem, frustration, discouragement, because of living with untreated ADHD. It often occurs in teens and adults who’s ADHD wasn’t recognised and treated when they were younger. Who have come to accept the idea that they “aren’t good enough”, or they’re “lazy”, or “irresponsible”. In either case, ADHD and Depression can exacerbate one another, so it’s important to consider both in treatment.

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