Depression | Treatment Options


Discover how to cope with depression in this discussion with clinical psychiatrist, Dr. Sue Varma, and MedCircle host, Kyle Kittleson. This powerful mental health interview can help you better understand how to cope with depression and loneliness, how the signs of depression can indicate what therapy or medication may be best,

00:00 Intro
00:31 Can depression be cured?
01:48 Likeliness of recurrence
03:26 Medications: you need to know this
05:47 How to cope without medication
07:18 How to find the right therapist for you
11:20 Fad treatments to avoid
13:03 Distress tolerance toolkit
16:06 “I rolled my eyes at that coping strategy”
18:17 When anxiety co-occurs with depression
19:37 Kyle’s view on social media
20:52 “Wherever you go, here you are”
22:23 Why “treating depression is knowing yourself”
23:00 Why “we compare our insides to other people’s outsides”
24:28 Kyle’s life changing perspective
26:47 How to watch this full series

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