Cynthia and Melissa, two women discuss their lives with inattentive ADHD

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Melissa Reskof and Cynthia Hammer, two women with inattentive ADHD, talk about and rant about ADHD subjects.

00:00 Cynthia and Melissa
00:46 Importance of early screening
02:42 How to find children with ADHD
03:43 Neurodivergence and collaboration
06:04 ADHDers and our shared interests
07:51 ADHD in adults
10:40 ADHD and the DSM-V
12:50 Inattentive ADHD
16:16 Self-awareness
18:21 Inattentive differs from combined type
22:39 Is combined type worse?
24:59 Reduce negative self-talk
26:57 Poor memory
29:12 Video game improves attention
30:08 Read Cynthia’s book

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