Aron and Dana Yarbrough
Tree Coordinators for Texas (Amarillo)

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Aron cell: 806-367-0643
Dana cell: 806-678-6986

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Location of Tree
6819 Michelle Drive
Amarillo, TX  79109

Tree Lighting Ceremony
Please contact tree coordinator for the exact date of the launching ceremony and dates that the tree will be open to the public. The Memory Tree will be up for at least one month, and you may visit this tree at any time.

Em's Story
Emilie was a bright, popular, and beautiful 18-year old devout Christian who had just returned from vacationing in Hawaii with her family four days prior to taking her own life. What could possibly be wrong?!?! Everyone loved her—family, friends, co-workers! She taught swimming lessons to little kiddos, she was a lifeguard, and loved going to rodeos. She was an active leader in her church youth program. From an outsider’s perspective, she had everything going for her.

The day she took her life, she went on a shopping spree for new clothes for her job—not typical suicidal behavior because people who are going to commit suicide usually give things away. She came by the house to pick up some shoes for work. Her daddy had to force her to give him a kiss on the way out the door because she told him “I’m gonna be late.” But she did, and she called me that night at dinner and talked about her job and how she loved it and how she was working the next day from 2-4 she was nothing but excited and happy.

At 10:30 pm on Friday night, she went shopping at Wal-Mart and bought two boxes of feminine hygiene products. I was hesitant to share that (for obvious reasons), but it completely underscores that Emilie’s behavior was NOT that of someone who would commit suicide just moments later. She was stocking up and well prepared.

After she left Wal-Mart, she returned to the residence where she was house sitting. Between 11:45 pm and midnight something in her mind took Emilie from purchasing clothing and personal items for her future to ending her own life. We will never know why. The “what ifs” and “guilt” can be depleting, but with time the “what ifs” and “guilt” will lessen. I don’t believe they ever go away. You just learn to ask and to wonder but understand you will never have an answer.

As you all know this is not the road of life we choose to live. This is not the future we had planned for our children or for us. This is the biggest storm we have ever been through. Knowing we were not alone and that we have a support system has been a surviving factor for us.

We are happy to support the Memory Tree at our home. We believe this has been given to us to help others and with helping others it will help with our own recovery. You are not alone; join us to Celebrate the life of the ones we love and to know that they are happy and peaceful. This is the life they want us to have despite our hurt and pain. Together we can all make a difference in someone else’s life.

Aron and Dana Yarbrough
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