Traci Breazeale
Tree Coordinator for Louisiana

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Shreveport, Louisiana
318-828-6899 (cell)
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Email Me!

In Memory of my best friend, Chris Cochran
June 6, 1980 - March 31, 2004

My Story
I met Chris when i was 12 years old. He was a friend of a friend. Your quentisental bad boy. You know the type. The one mom warned you about? lol Well that was him . He was the first boy that ever told me that he loved me. I think he was the only one who ever meant it. We had our ups and downs over the 10 years that we spent together. We fought ,yelled,screamed and hurt each other beyond words. But we never faultered in how much we loved each other.

The night that he completed suicide was the worst night of my life. I didn't believe it. It was the day before April Fools so shock i guess. Once Irealized it was true it was like i just shut down. I felt like there was no one else on the planet that understood the guilt and the hurt that i felt at that exact moment. My friends did the best that they could but none of them knew what i was going though. I want to set this program up in my area so people know that there ARE other people out there who have gone through this horrible ordeal and have lived to tell about it.
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