Linda Haass
Tree Coordinator for Maryland

Contact Information

305 East Cecil Avenue;
North East Maryland; 21901
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Location of Tree
302 East Cecil Avenue;
North East Maryland; 21901

Tree Lighting Ceremony
Please contact this tree coordinator for the exact date of the launching ceremony and dates that the tree will be open to the public. These trees are usually up for an entire month and you may visit this tree at any time.

In Memory of My Son Mark Haass 12/12/78- 11/03/2003
and Daughter Carrie Haass 12/22/80-07/28/2006

My Story

I am the single mother of three children; my oldest Mark completed suicide by gun shot to the head on November 3, 2003 in front of his girlfriend’s house. Mark was my strong willed child always into something. His smile could light up any room. Mark hid his bouts with depression with his humor. He loved to make people laugh; I never realized how much he cried on the inside. Mark was my only son and I hope this tree shows him in heaven how much I love him and I am not ashamed that he took his own life. Mark did not want to die he just wanted the pain to stop. After I lost Mark, I was so depressed I cared about very little.
I had two other daughters Carrie and Amanda but they could not help the pain was unbearable. I started to have problems with Carrie, her and Mark were very close she never accepted his death. I struggled to save her, she moved in with me and got a job and was doing very well. On a hot July morning I left for work and told Carrie I would call her when I got to work and that I loved her. Well I did call when I got to work but there was no answer so I assumed she went back to bed after all she did work a double shift at her waitress job the day before. At approximately 10:45 my daughter Amanda called me and told me she had to go to my house there was something wrong. Carrie was found on the bathroom floor of our home by her boyfriend her death was ruled undetermined/cocaine intoxication.
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